In 2015, with generous support from The Goldsmiths' Company and Craft Central, the Hand Engravers Association hosted 'Cut in Clerkenwell' an exhibition, demonstrations and taster workshops of hand engraving. The week long event also included a trade consultation "Training the Trainers" to assess the needs of the industry and discuss how we can move forward. Details about the 2015 event, held 2-8 March at Craft Central can be accessed from our news and events page. 

The Original Project

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In 2012, the Association was awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to run free demonstrations to the public and more specific groups for two weeks in July 2012. In addition a new national Archive of 20th Century Hand Engravers and their work was made and housed in perpetuity at the Guildhall Library, London. The three-part project outline is as follows:


Part 1: Cut in Clerkenwell at Craft Central

Outstanding success of the Hand Engravers Association of Great Britain

Cut in Clerkenwell Workshops and Exhibition at Craft Central in July 2012

Cut in Clerkenwell – The Hand Engravers of Great Britain six month long project to assemble the history of hand engraving through the 20th century - was launched at Craft Central in July 2012. We ran workshops during two weeks where the people living and working in the area, art college students and other crafts professionals gathered together each day to learn the basics of hand engraving. We had over 100 participants - double the expected number – many of whom booked to be there all day or for several days in a few cases. Many more people called in to chat to hand engravers and see the exhibition of over 25 examples of members’ work ranging through many styles and techniques.

More than 20 members provided the talks and training. Those who generously gave their time have now asked for more occasions where they can meet informally and even work together - as many did during the workshops. Anecdotes are surfacing of learning new ways of doing things and finding new tools and machines.

Comments from the public are reflected in these quotes selected from the dozens that we have. These show the enormous value of spreading the word about hand engraving much
more widely:

‘Please can we have more! This kind of craft is much better understood in a workshop than from a book.’

‘Very interesting and worth pursuing as a hobby.’

‘Inspirational introduction to hand engraving … and invaluable to see fine work and have tips on hand engraving … I feel inspired to further my skills.’

‘Very well set up, good atmosphere… would now like to attend a course.’

‘Enjoyed the workshops. Tutors knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I learned enough to get me started.’

Griselda Bear Cut in Clerkenwell - Project Manager

Project supported by
Heritage Lottery Fund, Craft Central, The Goldsmiths’ Company, The Clockmakers’ Company, Ernest Cook Trust

Heritage Lottery Fund