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After serving a five year Apprenticeship to the local engraver, Rex Cooper completed a further forty five years before expanding his studies. He then obtained a Distinction in the History of Art at Luton’s Barnfield College. Later at Loughborough University he graduated with a BA(Hons) degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design.

During this period, he won an award for excellence in The Goldsmiths’ Craft Council Design Competition.

One of his cast bronze medals, created to celebrate the breaking of the Land Speed Record in 1997 was on display throughout Europe.

Rex won the local Three Counties Art Competition with a Silver and Amethyst brooch which was described as ‘Imaginative and beautiful.’ His reproduction of Peter Brughel’s “The Fall of Hermogenese the Magician” in the form of a pictorial beaker, caused excitement at the headquarters of The Magic Circle in London.

He is still producing personalised silver wine labels which have been sold worldwide. His latest work includes silver productions of 18th Century pocket sun dials. Throughout this busy life, he has still found time to teach and run classes for engraving and silversmithing.