Location: Southport, Merseyside
Tel: 01704 577585

Captivated by the alchemy of colour and versatility of enamel, Ruth creates a wide variety of work. Ranging from fine jewels and objects, to unique artworks, her pieces carry an individual style that highlights the potential of enamel as a medium for contemporary design & applied art.

Items are made as “one-offs” or in small batches as limited editions. Work is available in selected gallery outlets and various national / international exhibitions.

As a self-employed designer maker, Ruth has a wide range of ability and experience. She is skilled in all aspects of enamel techniques, including miniature painted enamels, champleve & cloisonné work and experimental contemporary methods.

She uses hand-engraving techniques as a base for her enamels so as to capture a depth or nuance of light through the surface of finely applied transparent layers of colour.