Lifetime Achievement Award



The Hand Engravers Association wish to recognise individuals who have contributed an outstanding amount to the field of hand engraving over a long period of time. The Lifetime Achievement Award was created to pay tribute to these outstanding people. The Award is only given to exceptional men and women and so is not an annual event. The inaugural award was made in 2010, the second award presented in 2015 and the most recent in 2017.



2017 Wayne Parrott The Award was made at the Tenth Anniversary Celebrations of the Hand Engravers Association held at the Lord Mayor of Westminster's Reception Rooms on 8 March.    
2015 Dr Malcolm Appleby MBE The 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented 24 January in Birmingham.    
2010 Ken Hunt Ken's award was made at the Birmingham "A Celebration of Hand Engraving" event at the Jewellery Quarter Museum, 12-13 March 2010. A short film was made to accompy the presentation an it can still be viewed on YouTube.